Most Phillies fans expected Jayson Werth to sign with another team this off season. They knew the odds of the right fielder who had become a fan favorite returning to the Philadelphia were a long shot. But what no Phillies fan saw coming was Werth signing with the Washington Nationals

As first reported by Todd Zolecki, Werth signed with the Washington Nationals around 4:45 EST on Sunday. Werth had hired super agent Scott Boras midway through the season in a move that signaled to everyone he was going to be looking to cash in on what could be his only chance at free agency. The 31 year old Werth is signing a 7 year deal with a team that while they are on the rise, have never finished higher then 4th in the National League East. Werth wanted to cash in and it looks like he has certainly done that. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the deal is 7 years 126 million.

Not only does this deal hurt the Phillies because they will have to face Werth now as he will be playing in their own division but the Nationals signing Werth also means the Phillies lose more than their starting right fielder. The Phillies offered Werth arbitration with the thought that when he signed with another team they would gain a first round pick as compensation but because the Nationals hold a pick in the top 15 they will not get the Nats first round pick but instead their second round pick. While this year’s draft appears to be a deep one it still hurts the Phillies tremendously to go from a first round pick to a sandwich pick and a second round pick

                The Nats are obviously an up and coming team and have offered big money to top free agents in recent years but to no success. This season however they have seemed to have gotten that elite player to finally put fans in the stands in that beautiful ball park in Washington. In case you wondering Werth has a lifetime average of .307 in Nats Park. In 88 at bats he’s hit 6 HR for 13 RBI. It’s a small sample size but also a very successful one.

                So Phillies fans there you have it. The guy you fell in love with has jumped ship and its all for the money. The Nationals and Werth will have a press conference in the coming days where Werth will give a ridiculous explanation on why he signed with a team that’s been the laughing stock of baseball but we all know why he really signed and it’s because of the money. In Dom Brown we trust