Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Jaguars wasn’t much of a contest. For Eagles quarterback Michael Vick it was yet another step in the right direction and, made Andy Reid’s decision to bench “future” QB Kevin Kolb look like a genius move. Vick picked apart the Jaguars secondary passing for 291 passing yards and 3 touch downs. He also used his legs to run for 30 yards and another TD for a total of 321 total yards and 4 TD with 0 interceptions.

Vick started out the scoring for the Eagles with a 61 yard strike to receiver DeSean Jackson, who had his best game of the season catching 5 balls for 153 yards and a TD. Jeremy Maclin also enjoyed a nice game catching 2 TD and 83 yards receiving. It became apparent quickly that this game was never going to be close. As Vick continued to roll the offense to the end zone the Eagles defense, which I’ve criticized quite a bit, shut down the one man show that is the Jacksonville Jaguars offense. While Jaguars star RB Maurice Jones Drew did rush for 88 yards he failed to find the end zone and the Eagles defense held the Jaguars offense to 3 points. Final score was 28-3 as the Eagles improved to 2-1.

This was one of those games that never felt close and like most Eagles fans the attention turned from the ongoing game, to next week’s matchup against the Washington Redskins. The “Will they boo, wont the boo?” game has been the most talked about game on the Eagles schedule since the team traded franchise QB Donovan McNabb to the division rival Washington Redskins on April 4th.

While the coaches and most of the players will downplay this as “just another game” it will be a sad attempt at athletes and coaches treating fan bases as idiots. Maybe it’s not a huge deal to the players but you better believe the Eagles front office doesn’t want to lose this game. Jeffry Lurie and Joe Banner have been quite possibly the most pompous owners in sports, and have nothing to show for it. If they lose this game to #5 they will be criticized by the people that never wanted to see McNabb go. Michael Vick however will do his best to make sure the homecoming doesn’t go well for the first draft pick in the Andy Reid Regime.


Touch Down:


**Since Michael Vick took over as the Philadelphia Eagles QB there has been one player who has benefited the most; DeSean Jackson. With Vick in the starting role Jackson has 288 receiving yards with 2 TD. Jackson has become Vicks go to guy when it comes to making the big play down field. He’ll be matched up against a pretty good Redskins secondary this week, his first true test against a secondary who might be able to keep him in check. If Jackson is able to have a big game though you know the Vick Jackson combo is no fluke.


**Mike Vick once again looked good. I was a huge Vick hater, ever since his days in Atlanta. My main reasoning was I saw a selfish QB who would run first and never look to throw. Instead of using his legs to elude potential sacks, and look downfield to make a play, Vick would take off and run for no reason. This Eagles Mike Vick looks like a different guy. He actually looks like a young McNabb (insert ball in the dirt joke here). He is now using his quickness and ability to make plays, instead of just running. Now its only been two games, against two bad defenses. So while it’s great seeing Vick juke and jive his way to the end zone it’s still early.


**Trent Cole, and the rest of the Eagles front four, were a nightmare for Jaguars QB David Garrard. Cole had 2 sacks, Trevor Laws, Darryl Tapp, and Jaqua Parker also added one sack each. That’s 4 sacks for Parker and only 1 sack for the god send that is Brandon Graham. While it’s great to see the front four finally be able to get to the QB it’s still the Jaguars so take it with a grain of salt.


Pick 6:


**Where has Brent Celek gone? Good news is Celek enjoyed his best game of the season on Sunday, catching 4 passes for 42 yards. The bad news is that was his best game of the season. Celek was supposed to jump to the next level this season. In 2009 he had 971 yards but in 3 games in 2010 he has just 101 yards with 0 TD. I don’t know if it’s more blocking schemes, him not getting open, or Vick just not targeting him but Celek has been invisible for most of the season.


**As previously mentioned Brandon Graham has 1 sack and just 2 tackles in 3 games. For a guy that was talked up like the next great Eagles pass rusher, and a pick of defensive rookie of the year, he has been a major disappointment. The guy that he was supposed to replace (Parker) has 4 sacks. Oh and the guy that I wanted the Eagles to draft, Earl Thomas, got his second pick of the season for the Seahawks. His pick clinched the game.

I’m sick of looking at Brandon Graham smile on Comcast Sportsnet. I didn’t like the pick when they made it, got told how great he would be, and he hasn’t done anything. I understand that its only been 3 games but its been against bad teams, so am I supposed to expect him to turn it on when he plays good teams, with better offensive lines?


**Bobby April should start paying me rent because he basically lives in this section. Special Teams obviously isn’t his forte so please quit so the Eagles can find someone who can do the job.


Next Up

McNabb makes his return to the linc. This game doesn’t need a write up its got enough drama as it is.