Prince Amukamara is about to live his dream. The former Nebraska Cornhusker will be a professional football player come April 28th. Amukamara is a no doubt about it first round pick. With the skill set that will make him a top corner back in the league for years to come. So if Amukamara is so gifted, why is he possibly slipping on some draft boards?

Chris Mortensen tweeted today that while teams love what Amukamara brings on the field, they are worried he is too “cultured” to really love football. This is no new trend with NFL executives, who watched Myron Rolle dropped in the draft because teams were worried he would retire early and become a doctor. It’s a trend that isn’t new, and extremely disgusting

It’s no secret that when doing pre draft interviews, potential picks can only say one other thing is more important to them in their life other than football, and that’s God. If a player were to say anything other than football and god, immediate red flags go up. The NFL, who is currently in a labor dispute with the players, are continuing to say one thing and secretly want another.

The NFL is currently stating how important player’s safety is in the NFL; however the league is lobbying for an 18 game schedule which would result in more money for owners, and more injuries for the players. This situation is no different. The NFL will state to the media that they encourage their players to set up a life after football. After two years of being retired 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt.

To understand why so many former players are going bankrupt, is to understand that game that is being played by the players, the league, and the NFL. When you see 78% you may think that is a high number, but after you sit down and think about it, it makes sense. Players go to college to play football, not to learn, not to get a degree, but to play football.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumble most recent segment delved into the NCAA, and their relationships with its players. All the players agreed that were featured in the segments agreed that in their respective schools, they were athletes, not student athletes. Coaches will have players switch majors that are too challenging, or don’t fit into the football schedule. While the NCAA preaches that these kids aren’t getting paid, but instead they are receiving a free education, the truth of the matter is they aren’t.

So these players are the stars on campus, and have big dreams of making the big bucks in the NFL so they leave school early, and don’t think twice about it. Most won’t make the huge contract. The average lifespan of an NFL player is 3 ½ seasons. That is 3 ½ season to make as much as they can, for the rest of their lives. For the few that are successful in the NFL, and end up cashing in on the big payday are even subject to money problems. They buy the cars, the houses, and the jewelry. But those big houses have big property tax, and when their careers come to an end, they don’t have enough to afford it.

So these players, who have relied on football their entire life, are now out of the league, with no money because of bills, and no skill set other than football because of the lack of education they received in college. This of course isn’t everyone, but most.

So the colleges are preventing the kids from getting a real education, and the ones that do get an education are being frowned upon by the people that decide where these players will be selected. If it doesn’t seem right to you it’s because it’s not. Its two organizations (NCAA & the NFL) that say one thing, and do another. It might not be so bad if the two powerhouses’ didn’t treat you the fan like an idiot.

So the NFL will preach to you how they hope these kids set themselves up for life after football. Maybe take some classes in the fall at a college, go back to school and get their degree. But God forbid a kid goes into one of those pre draft meetings and says the forbidden “schools number 1 in my life” than we see his draft stock fall.

Amukamara is ranked as the 9th best player in the 2011 draft by Mike Mayock. Some have the versatile DB going to the Lions at #13 or to Houston at #11. If he falls past Jacksonville at #16 than you know why. Whoever goes against the grain, and takes Prince even though he MAY have some interest in something other than football, should be commended.

The NFL is a league run by hypocrites. A league that preaches safety and education, but in reality all they want is more money. As a fan I am sick of it. We see players all over the league have charity organizations. How long before teams will be nixing the player’s commendable efforts to the less fortunate because they are worried they are focusing too much on helping others, and not helping the team win. Where does it end?