Hours before the Phillies are going to unvail their new staff ace in Washington the Eagles steal the headlines with the biggest trade in organization history. Donovan McNabb, the face of the Eagles franchise since 1999 has been traded and even worse he was traded to division rival Washington Redskins.

A little after 8 pm EST Adam Shefter had reported that the Eagles had traded McNabb to the Redskins, a team that was never once mentioned in the McNabb sweepstakes. Later it was announced what the Eagles had recieved for the best QB in team history. The Eagles will recieve a 2010 second round pick and also a pick in either the 3rd or 4th round in the 2011 draft. This marks the second big trade for the Eagles in less then a week.

The Eagles end this week losing two of their leaders (McNabb, Sheldon Brown) and gain a 2nd, 4th, and 5th round pick in this years draft, a compensation pick in next years draft, and a special teams player in Alex Hall. In a trade that will grab headlines I ask this to Eagles nation: Are You Suprised?

I was shocked but then after about ten minutes I realized I shouldnt be. Lets take a good look at this front office. This is the front office who called itself "The Gold Standered" when they have never won a Super Bowl. In 2007 they traded out of the first round. Hey thats fine they didnt want the players that were available, but they traded the pick to divison rival Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys took DE Anthony Spencer who had a breakout year, a year in which the Eagles went 0-3 against Big D. This is a front office who let their locker room leader, Brian Dawkins, just walk off to Denver and when reporters had the audacity to ask them about Dawkins at the Stacey Andrew's press confrence they refused to discuss it saying "this is Stacey's day". Yea that letting Dawkins go, signing Andrews thing worked out great. Now the Eagles trade their starting QB to the division rival Redskins.

This is an organization that will actually call up the local papers and ask why they arent on the front cover. They are jelous of the Phillies success because it takes away from the auroa that is trainig camp. They are flat out the most cocky organization in all of sports and they have absolutly no reason to be. This trade just adds to their resume that they think their the best, and their going to go out and prove it.

Weather you like McNabb, hated McNabb, booed him in 99, or praised him for all his years this trade is rediculous. The Eagles made it known that they were looking to trade the six time Pro Bowl QB, and you know what thats fine. But now they are determined to prove that they made the rite decession by giving Kevin Kolb the keys to the car. I'm possitive they did this trade so they could face McNabb twice a year and show the entire world "Look we beat McNabb, and Kevin beat McNabb, we made the right decession."

If this was a trade to the Rams, or the Raiders, or anyone else thats not in our division I would have said we got fair value but not this. If your going to trade McNabb to a team your going to face twice a year you better get more than a second and possibly a 3rd. You better demand a first round pick, or Laron Landry, or something more then what they got.

Im too young to remember when Joe Montana was a Kansas City Chief. But what i do know is that his first game back in San Francisco he stuck it to his other team. The team treated Montana a lot like the Eagles treated McNabb, like crap. McNabb will come back to Philly and do everything in his power to beat a team that he gave his all too, a coach that drafted him under scrutiny, and a city who's fans never quite appreciated him.

Im a McNabb guy. I always have been and always will praise him for everything he did. I just think a lot of fans forgot the day's of Bobby Hoying and took McNabb for granted because he could never win the big game. Its all over now i guess. and for all those years what do we have to show for it? A messly second round pick. I will remind people that we got a second round pick for QB AJ Feeley.

Kevin Kolb was one of the most controversial picks probably in Eagles history. It took everyone off gaurd including McNabb but he didnt treat Kolb poorly. Brett Favre ignored Aaron Rodgers his first season. Bitter at the organization for even thinking that there would be life after the great Brett Favre (NFL Career INT leader by the way). When McNabb was benched in 2008 against the Ravens he acted like a true proffesional, while Kolb looked like a true backup. Kolb got lit up and just about every Eagles fan blasted the organization for "wasting a second round pick on this guy". Last season he started two games in wake of a McNabb injury and played much better. Those same fans who wanted to choke Andy for drafting him was now praising Kolb and the way he handled himself in his first true action in the NFL.

Kevin Kolb could be amazing. Keving Kolb also could suck. Lets not judge the guy on two starts, and lets certainly not judge him on one awful half of football against the best defense in the NFL. I like Kolb and the year he was drafted he was one of my sleepers. I have no problem what so ever with the Eagles turning the page on McNabb, but I have a problem with this trade.

The Eagles recently worked out Tennessee safety Eric Berry. Berry is projected to go in the top ten picks of the draft, way ahead of where the Eagles will be selecting from. Why would the Eagles work out a player they surely will have no chance of getting at the number twenty four slot? They have to be looking to move up. They now have eleven picks in the entire draft including two second round picks, two third round picks, two fourth round picks, one fifth round pick, one sixth round pick, and two seventh round pick.

Usually it costs a team a lot to move up in the draft but in recent years it has not been the case. Best example took place in last years draft between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets. The Jets moved up from the the seventeenth pick all the way to the number five pick. Usually that is going to cost a team a high price but not this trade. All the Jets had to give up to move up in the top 5 was their first round pick, their second round pick, DE Kenyon Coleman, Safety Abram Elam, and QB Brett Rattliff. That not much considering how much the Saints gave up in 1999 to draft Ricky Williams with the 5th overall pick.

The Eagles desperatly need help in their secondary and Berry is considered the best DB in this draft. I heard one expert say he thinks Berry is the best player in this draft. The Eagles biggest competition is the Browns at number 7 so to get Berry the Eagles will have to move up in the top six picks.

I absolutly hate this trade, and i hated the Sheldon Brown one. This is another example of the Eagles trying to prove to everyone that they are in fact "the gold standered" in the NFL. I wish McNabb the best of luck and hope they use their heads in the draft, and not trade out of the first round but instead trade up and take care of a need that has needed to be taken care of for quite some time now