While this is a blog dedicated to sports in Philadelphia, I am also a sports fan and one of my favorite sports is baseball. So for all of those who only want to hear about the Phillies I apologize, because this is about a cancer. A cancer that tainted the game, and because of his own selfishness, he will look to take the game down. But the game is getting a shot of chemo on Monday

I of course am talking about Alex Rodriguez. Congratulations Barry Bonds, you are no longer the most hated man in baseball, in fact, thanks to Arod you haven’t been in quite a long time. And while Alex Rodriguez won’t ever touch your (also tainted) home run record, he is making sure that you will never touch his record of being the most hated man associated with Americas past time.

Reports surfaced on Saturday night that Alex Rodriguez would be suspended by major league baseball for the remainder of the 2013 season AND the 2014 season. Considering they were at one point looking at a lifetime ban, this seems a tad bit weak. Instead of accepting the fact that he has been caught red handed, Rodriguez will do what he does best; lie to the fans.

Will Rodriguez once again blame his cousin and plead ignorance as he did in 2009? I know when I get together with my cousins we routinely shoot each other up with unknown substances. Will he flat out deny the reports? Only time will tell, but what is 100% known is the reason why he is going to prolong this obvious crime and that’s the $86 million dollars the Yankees still owe him. He won’t appeal because he loves the game, and still wants to play. For Alex Rodriguez cash is king.


Alex Rodriguez obviously doesn’t need the money. Rodriguez has earned a little more than $353,416,000.00 that’s enough to purchase a Minotaur painting for everyone in New York City. That’s the type of greed that would make Gordon Gekko blush. But none of this is shocking if you have followed the career of Alex Rodriguez. He is the prime example of who you don’t want your kids growing up to be. Rodriguez tainted the game. The game that gave him fame and fortune. But instead of respecting the game, Rodriguez will look too tarnish the game just a little more. Rodriguez will look to bring down the Yankees, the team that begrudgingly pays his salary (this season it’s a mere $28 million).



Taking down Americas past time isn’t enough for Arod. No Arod will look to take down arguably baseballs most popular team. Rodriguez has no problem dragging the New York Yankees logo through the mud. It’s well documented that he isn’t a fan of the Yankees GM Brian Cashman, and understandably he isn’t a fan of Rodriguez representing the Yankees. If Rodriguez is allowed to appeal his suspension he will do so by bringing up every flaw the New York Yankees ever made which may, or may not, include the use of its players taking steroids.

Seriously, if there is one redeeming quality about Alex Rodriguez I’d like to hear it.

When, not if, but when Rodriguez losses his appeal the avaricious scum will not stay home, but instead go over to play in Japan. This much I am certain of. He won’t do so for the love of the game, he will do so because he wants more. Baseball is looking to clean up the game; Rodriguez is just looking to get paid.

Bud Selig seemingly turned a blind eye to steroids in baseball in the late 90’s. He saw it as a way to get the fans back from the strike shortened season of 1994. But now he sees the error of his ways. After not taking out the trash for weeks and weeks he has returned to see his kitchen filled with cockroaches, and Rodriguez is truly the biggest cockroach of them all. On Monday you will hear a big splat. That sound is Bud Selig stomping Rodriguez, killing his career, and doing so for the betterment of baseball.