Three days after saying that Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott would be retained for the 2011-2012 season, Eagles head coach Andy Reid changed his mind and Sunday and relieved Sean McDermott of his duties. It should be a happy day for Eagles fans, and to the ones that are able to think for themselves it is, but sadly for others it is not.

McDermott took over the Eagles defense after long time defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away from Cancer. Johnson had revamped the Eagles defense during his tenure. Fans had come to expect a top five defense every year, and during Jim Johnson’s run their expectations were usually fulfilled. Johnson was a defensive genius who used different blitzing schemes to confuse opposing offenses. McDermott was talked up as the “next Jim Johnson” by the local media. McDermott was going to build off Johnson’s defensive schemes and blitzing packages. He never lived up to the hype that was bestowed upon him.

This past year McDermott’s defense was ranked 22nd in the league this past season. They had the worst red zone defense in the league and couldn’t stop Stephen Hawking is he was lined up at running back for the opposing team. McDermott never was able to put a solid defense together and looked over matched in the role. McDermott took a once proud defense and transformed them to a pathetic bunch that couldn’t stop James Starks from racking up 123 yards rushing.

Most fans were, as usual, calling for Andy Reid’s head when the team lost to the Packers last week in the first round of the NFC Playoffs. There was also a decent bit of people wanting McDermott fired as well and I was one of them. I couldn’t stand McDermott and was annoyed, yet unsurprised, when Andy announced McDermott would be back next season. When I found out that McDermott would actually be fired I jumped for joy but then I got on Twitter to find a different thought process.

“So Reid lied? First time for everything RT @movingthechains: Wow. RT @mortreport: #Eagles fired defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.”

Wrote John Gonzalez from the Philadelphia Inquirer and 97.5 The Fanatic. He later tweeted “Reid made right choice, yes. But you shouldn't trust him. His next press conference should involve congress & Palmeiro-like finger wagging”.

“two years in a row Reid has lied/changed his mind about personnel/staff”

says @Siggraywolf.


@RochesRwinners wrote “The Reid vote of confidence. 5, then this. "@Jeff_McLane: Andy Reid met with McDermott Thursday & informed him that he was letting him go”


What all three of these people have in common are they aren’t the only ones. Amazingly instead of happiness from Eagles fans there is a backlash from some people (including one media member) because they were “lied to.” Like an angry 10 year old who just found out Santa doesn’t exist they “won’t trust Reid”. The fact that Reid has changed his mind and a philosophy has gone completely over their heads.

Andy Reid never fires assistants, let along coordinators. I can’t remember the last coordinator that was actually fired under Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia. Most of the time his coordinators/assistants move on to other jobs with other teams but they don’t get fired. The fact that Reid has finally decided to fire McDermott is a step in the right direction. It’s nice to see but once again WE WERE LIED TOO!

I’m going to focus on John Gonzalez because he is a professional, and is paid to write his opinions. It’s well known that Andy Reid doesn’t have the best relationship with the media. He never just comes right out and says what he’s going to do but instead gives them no answers and makes their jobs incredibly hard. The king of this is Bill Belichick but the local media would like you to believe Reid is the only coach who does this when he isn’t. The Reid detractors will point out that Belichick has won multiple Super Bowls but I assure you that if you go look at a press conference from Jack Del Rio, Norv Turner, Chan Gailey, or any other head coach in the NFL you’re not going to get many straight up answers.  

Because Reid makes these writers jobs difficult it’s really no shock that they would find something wrong with this firing, as John Gonzalez has. Eagles writers like Gonzalez, or fans like @RochesRwinners and @Siggraywolf are complaining for the sake of complaining. Criticizing this firing because Reid, three days ago, said McDermott would be back is like a family member being a drug addict and saying they would never go to rehab. But three days later they check into rehab and instead of being happy your mad because you were “lied too”. Instead of looking at the big picture, that the Eagles defense might once again be able to regain the glory they had in the last decade under Johnson, they are complaining about a lie.

Well to Gonzo, @RochesRwinners, @Siggraywolf, and anyone else that is outraged because Andy Reid betrayed your trust I want to remind you of a similar story. On December 3, 2010 Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefrock went on Sirus XM and told Jim Bowden that the Phillies won’t be pursuing Cliff Lee saying “That ship has sailed”. Less than two weeks later however Cliff Lee signed with the five year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies…..but wait…..we were lied too right?

Well if you’re if you follow John Gonzalez’s thought process than don’t get too excited Phillies fans because while it’s great that we signed the top free agent pitcher, we can now no longer trust the Phillies front office. Of course Gonzalez brought up no criticism for the Phillies front office of this in his radio show, or any of his columns when Lee made a “liar” out of Proefrock. I wonder why?

The fans that want to complain about being lied too are just bitter. They can’t possibly imagine giving credit to Andy Reid even though Reid made a mistake, realized he made a mistake, and changed his mind. This is the best move for the Eagles. It doesn’t matter what Reid said, or when the move came, so long as when next season starts Sean McDermott isn’t wearing an Eagles jacket and headset. To Andy Reid I say keep lying to me as long as it will better help the team win. I’d rather have a lying coach who wins, then an honest coach who losses. The coaches who are honest that come to mind are Dennis Green, Herm Edwards, Jim Mora. Where are they coaching by the way?