“If we traded for Oswalt then why couldn’t we have just kept Cliff Lee!!” This is a statement that you’ve most certainly heard if you happen to listen to any sports talk radio in Philadelphia. You yourself might have even called up a station and asked this very question. It is a question that is making me want to go out and play in traffic.

Ruben Amaro Jr will NEVER come out and admit what we all know; that the Cliff Lee trade was a mistake and that if he could do it over again he wouldn’t. I myself defended Ruben and the trade but now see that it was a mistake. With that said I seem to be one of the few people that realize that complaining about a trade that happened seven months ago isn’t helping anything and won’t change what happened. While Ruben won’t come out and say what we all know he did admit his mistake on Thursday by going out and getting Roy Oswalt. Yet even after he goes out and gets the Astros ace he is still under criticism for a trade he made way back in December, a trade that Phillies fans will seemingly never forgive him for.

Ruben made a mistake, let’s not get on his case for trying to rectify that. Roy Oswalt has a career ERA of 2.60 in Citizens Bank Park and is now under team control through the 2011 season with an option for 2012. He is not Cliff Lee but he is a damn good pitcher. With that said Phillies fans just cant get over Lee even though a year ago many were mad that the Phillies had acquired Lee, and not Roy Halladay.

I know what I’m about to say will not be received well from some Phillies fans but it needs to be said none the less. Cliff Lee will NEVER EVER again wear Phillies pin stripes. Please can we move on and get over it. Cliff Lee is like the hot girl friend you had, and for some reason you dumped and have regretted it ever since. Your friends are sick of hearing it and just wish you would move on and go look for another girl. Ruben has moved on and so should you.

This idea that the Phillies could go out and sign Cliff Lee in the off season is just stupid. Get used to seeing Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. Blanton is a #4 starter and pitches like it and Kendrick pitches like the #5 starter that he is. While a starting three rotation of Halladay, Lee and Hamels would be great it’s not reality. Ruben made a mistake and with this move has acknowledged so. Let’s not get on a person when they admit there mistake, and let’s try to get over the one that got away.